Those moments….


Those moments. The ones where you feel as though you have to pinch yourself to really believe they are real. Those moments where you realize the very place you have been talking about is standing right below your feet. Those moments are the ones that remind you that there must be something bigger than us out there; how else could your dreams be spoken into reality.

Our rooftop, on the outskirts of Hargeisa, has an amazing view of the city. While there are no huge skyscrapers or constructs of man to obstruct the skyline, there is so much more to this city. It is the hills that outline the distance, randomly poking their heads through the houses built one on top of another. It is the vibrant colors of women’s hijabs flowing in the wind behind them as they walk towards the Mosque calling them to prayer. And it is the air being whipped around you like a heavenly reminder that this is really you in this place.

The fear that settled around myself, my family, and my friends as I settled into this journey feels like a million miles away. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived but the minute my plane touched down on the runway surrounded by remnants of old plane crashes, I knew this place would get my heart. This place is one symbolized by this wreckage and beauty. To the world on the outside they see only the wreckage of the past, they are too focused on what once was, to see the beauty and people in it right now. I came here to see exactly this….the beauty in what the world has deemed ‘ashes.’ I want to hear the voices unheard and tell the stories untold.

Every morning as the sun rises fiery red outside my window I can’t help but think about how blessed I am, how beautiful this world is, and how infinitely small our lives are. In this place I am certain love always wins. 


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