Top 10 things 5 days in Somaliland has taught me……


Top 10 things 5 days in Somaliland has taught me……

Firstly,  there is nothing that prepares you for thekilling of your first giant cockroach upon arrival in a new place.

Secondly, when you have to get your measurements for a bridesmaids dress done asap and there is no dress maker in sight, you can take them using toilet paper. Who knew each piece was approximately 5 inches long?

Thirdly, when in Somaliland, eat like a Somalilander, camel meat, camel milk, camel burgers.

Fourthly, rise with the call to prayer at 4:50. There is nothing like an early start.

Fifthly, wearing a hijab with a round giant head is a blow to the self-confidence.

Sixth, workout in the morning because the only shower you get is cold.

Seventh, maxi skirts, birkenstocks, and oversized shirts are high fashion.

Eighth, inshallah is an essential part of your vocabulary.

Ninth, opening a tin can with a dull knife is an hour long process.

And lastly, but not least…..flush toilets are nothing to take for granted.


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