The first love letter…..


Dear the amazing people I am blessed to share this space with,

Over the past year, one of my best kept secrets has been a girl named Hannah Brencher. Her and I have never met, but there are days I feel like no one but Jesus knows me better. She is someone who can find the words to say everything I wish I knew how to say. She is bravely honest and a lover of the world. Hannah is truly a game changer.

One of the greatest changes finding Hannah’s blog has brought into my life, is an intoxicating desire to be part of her movement to revive the art of love letter writing. No, not the sappy ones you write to the love of your life, but love letters to strangers. Strangers who aren’t really strangers because we are all united by the desire inside every one of us to be loved; a desire to have someone tell us everything is going to be okay. The people on the other end of these letters are just like you and I; people searching for beauty, strength, hope, purpose, courage, acceptance, or simply to have someone say “hey, you matter.” It is a revival aimed at pouring out love in a world where fear often keeps us from being selflessly loving; where we miss out on building people up because of our own trepidation towards vulnerability.

I’ll let you read for yourself about how the movement started but writing these love letters to people who submit requests to Hannah’s organization, More Love Letters, has been a life changing experience. As I pour out encouragement and love for these people I have never met, I remind myself of all the things beautiful and triumphant about life. I am reminded of the commonality of brokenness and the human aching to be in relationship with one another. I am reminded that sometimes we need to take a quiet moment and be thankful for the blessings we have been given. I am reminded that encouraging one another should never be something we fear. I am reminded that feeling compassion and love for someone should never be something we are embarrassed about. And I am reminded that living a life overflowing with love for our fellow humans should never be discouraged. Because, after all, love always wins.

I love writing these letters so much that I was not about to let being in Somaliland stop me from pouring out my love on the world in this way. So I have decided to post my letters here. Some will be to the people with requests on More Love Letters but others will be letters I have written to someone I love, someone I loved, and someone I hope to love.

The dream is that you will read these letters and be encouraged. Maybe some of you will even join me in pouring out a little love on the world.

Always and Forever




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