Choose me, my beloved


But I say to you, ‘I know the purposes I have for you but you must choose me. You must choose me. I cannot pour out all that I have for you until you choose to receive it. A human heart needs to choose its own path, needs to discover its own love, needs to feel free in its decisions. My love is big enough to wait with outstretched arms, because you are my beloved’

‘So lean in my beloved’

‘You find yourself once again at a fork in the road, and there is no enduring failure in either path, but one way in mine and the other is the worlds. In the world, you already know what the path looks like; you already know where it leads. It is easy but its only reward is that you control it. Sure there will be beauty and laughter, but your soul will still long for fulfilment on this path. Your head drives on this path, your heart drives on my path. My path requires eyes of faith for you must step into the unknown, you must to go to places inside of yourself you have never gone before, but you will never go alone. You must let go of fear, and grab onto my power, my might, my ability to do all things. My path’s rewards are immeasurable; you will know what it feels like to have your soul set on fire, to be poured into as much as out of, to be fully alive, not just existing.’

‘So my beloved, you choose.’

‘I will always walk you back to this place if you choose the world’s path. My path never goes away, it is always there for you to choose. But I need all of you. My beloved, this means I also need your trust. Trust that you are my beloved and that I will sow nothing but beauty and grace through you. ‘

‘So choose my beloved.’

‘If I chose for you, I wouldn’t have all of you. That is why this decision is yours. If I chose for you, you would always question if I was right. That is why this decision is yours. If I chose for you, you would waver in your belief that this is the way for you. That is why this decision is yours. And I promise beloved if your heart is already mine, stop listening to the lies that anyone else can hold you heart the way I can, and my purposes will be already in your hands.’

‘So choose my beloved’

‘If you chose my path, you will be the beacon of love you so desire. Your heart knows you do not lust after the riches of this world, your heart longs for the people of this world. I gave you a heart of service, I gave you a heart of love, I gave you a heart of hope; chose the path that uses that heart, chose the path which allows you to become fully alive. I didn’t create you to exist. I created you to be alive.’

‘So come my beloved.’

‘Live the life you love; you are not going to take any of this with you when I take you to the place I promised. There are no resumes, there are no elites, there is no money, there is no power in man, there is only your heart in that place. No one is going to ask how many square feet your house was, how much money you made, how many countries you travelled, how skinny you were, or how far you ran; all that will be known is that loved with every fibre of your human being, and then beyond what humanity can do alone’

‘So come my beloved.’

‘Your life is a gift from me to you; from me to the world. You will not answer to anyone but me about how you used it; how you lived it. You will not be compared to anyone else; you are you and that’s all I ever intended. You are not intended to fulfill the purposes your parents have for your life. You are not intended to fulfill the purposes of this world. You are not intended to fulfill the purposes of your friends. Your heart longs to fulfill my purposes rooted in beauty unfathomable, joy indescribable, and freedom abounding.’

‘So come my beloved’

‘That ‘well done’ your heart seeks so zealously, can be spoken by none by me. No one else’s ‘well done’ will reach the soul in the place where that longing sits.’

‘So come my beloved’

‘Walk in faith, trust in my purposes, and seek me first. Find strength in my unconditional love for you, find power in my power, find hope in that that is to come. I have chosen you, and I will love you no matter how far you wander. My choice knows no boundaries, no conditions. I made you more perfect than the wind. I made every ounce of you to accomplish all your heart’s desires, for your desires are my desires.’

‘So come my beloved’

‘Don’t take another step down that path of longing, of worry, of fear, and of confusion. Chose me and let me direct your paths. Walk in my protection and my might. Chose me. It is time my beloved, let it all go, and chose me.’

‘So trust in me, with all your heart. And lean not on your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge me, and I will direct your path”

-From God with love, Feb 22.15


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