Go on and set the world on fire….



She set the world on fire. She left nothing as it was. It was all charred with her grace, with her love. All of it was made new. Like slash and burn, she ripped through the world breathing hope of new beginning into used and dry ground.

She let nothing slow her down. When the winds of the world’s hatred, intended to push her backwards, rose up, she invited them in and turned them into fuel spreading her love, her grace, further, faster, stronger. She knew no boundaries, because this wasn’t about her. The world needed her light…..she set the world on fire.

With her intoxicating beauty, those who watched her wondered about the force that creates that kind of light. She didn’t have the dimensions of perfection but she was strong. She was the rare kind of beauty: raw and honest. People reached out for her embers, knowing that one little spark could change everything. They too could burn from the inside out. They too could set the world on fire.

This wasn’t about her physical appearance. It wasn’t about her gender. It wasn’t about her circumstance, it was about her. It was about how she chose light. The fighting balance between the fear that stifled the fire and the gasoline of passion that made it rage. She fought to set the world on fire.

If she knew anything it was that the center of her, the center of that flame, was the most important. It was here that she knew she deserved more than the world offered her, more than she was told she could ever achieve. It was here she believed in faith, hope, and love. Her flame would ebb and flow, but because she knew this center more intimate than anything else, she would endure. She would continue to set the world on fire.

On fire she saw hope. On fire she saw the world as it could be. On fire she believed change was possible. On fire there was no place too far, no obstacle too high, no desert too dry. On fire the world has no bounds.

No matter how close to ashes she gets, all she needs is a breathe of fresh air to reignite. And the most beautiful thing about fire is its paradox: some of us try to put it out while others use it as a hug of warmth and productivity. Some of us use fire like we use our lives; some destroy and some create. Some burn it down, some bring it to light. But the truth is that nothing can ever undo what a fire has already done.

So go on and set the world on fire.


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