What I wish I could tell you…. #WSPD15


What I wish I could tell you…..

You matter. We all want to matter. We want to know our existence is a puzzle piece that is required to complete the large puzzle of humanity. We want to know we hold value. That without us around, people will notice…the world will notice.

No one else can play your part. The most beautiful thing about humanity is that we are all unique. Most of us spend a significant time comparing ourselves to others, so we know this; but what we tend to overlook is that instead of wanting to be like everyone else, we should be celebrating the value our uniqueness brings to this world. No one will ever be able to adequately replace you. No one else will ever play the exact same part you do.

It’s okay to not be okay. This is the truth I think our world needs the most. So many of us feel lonely and isolated because we think we are alone in our “not okay” state, when in reality we’ve all been there. There is this pressure in society to have it all together, but the truth is, not being okay, doesn’t mean you are failing, it just means you need a little help. And help is why we were created; realtionships and leaning into one another is at the core of fulfilling our souls so these “not okay” moments should be embraced as opportunities to grow in our relationships, not moments to hide in shame. You will be okay once again; but being able to be true to yourself, what you feel, and what you need are essential to moving forward. We all need a little more truth, and a lot less performance.

Life may not be perfect but none are. Social media has created this world around us full of beautiful people, with great love, and grand adventures. However, you and I, both know that life is not perfect but that is the beauty of it. The mess is where the good stuff is. The mess is where you are changed. It is where your story is built. It is where you get to show darkness that your light will not be distinguished; sure it may falter but it is going to revive once again.

Keep fighting, one day at a time, because you were made a winner. I have come to see life as a war. There are battles everyday; there are victories and there are loses. There are days when you let your guard down and you get hurt and there are days when you stand tall shielded by the knowledge that you were equipped with everything you need to win. Darkness can only win if you let it, and everyday is a new opportunity to stand up to darkness and win by choosing light. And there will be days where you lose the battle, but the thing is the sun will rise tomorrow with you in the winner’s seat once again. Hold on and win the war.

Breathe out grace. We all need grace. Grace with ourselves, grace with others. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes don’t prohibit love. You are always going to be enough.You aren’t alone in discounting yourself, but you deserve more. You deserve to forgive yourself; you can always turn from shame into grace.

Hold tight to a faith in something bigger than yourself. Hold tight that you can fall in defeat and be caught by something more powerful than any force of darkness. Hold tight to the knowledge that you were created for more than all of this; and this too shall pass.

Suicide leaves you wondering if you could have somehow changed the end of the story. It leaves you wishing you would have said or did more. It leaves you with so many what ifs, you find yourself lost in the hypothetical. But the truth is, nothing will change the outcome of a war already over, so we must fight for the wars still going on. We must remind those we love, how much they matter, how much they are loved. We must be honest about who we are and why we struggle. There should be no fear of the truth; we all hurt, we all need help. We were never meant to go at this world alone. So before it’s too late, say those words you meant to say, give that hug you meant to give, and fight for that light that keeps you going everyday.The world needs us all to sow more love. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.

Join me in helping TWLOHA fundraise towards helping people sit in front of a counselor for the first time, distribute FIND HELP resources, and fund training for volunteer crisis counselors. 100% of all proceeds go to these causes. Donate by clicking here and help me spread a little more light in this world.

Check out TWLOHA for more information on mental health and suicide support


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